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Some of One Pagers unique features

An Empty Inbox. It’s Not a Myth.

Quickly identify every email and piece of information as one of six things.

Trust, Relax, and Let Go

Do more of what you love and know that everything is taken care of.

Lots of files? No problem.

Wrangle and organize your digital files for safe keeping.
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About Ryan Oelke

I’m your Rockstar Productivity maestro. No matter what I’m doing in life, having a rockin’ productivity system has always helped to both free up my energy and bring things to life. It’s my diverse experience across so many domains that gives me a knack for helping you to do the same.

I have an MSEd in counseling psychology and I’m the creative director and founder of PowerUp Productions. I’m also the co-founder of Buddhist Geeks and producer of the national TV show, Sex God Rock ‘n Roll. I’m an artist, writer, poet, and meditation mentor.


Praise for Rockstar Productivity

My inbox is empty! For the first time, literally, since I first opened my email account, I feel a sense of ease and organization with my digital life. Those who know me know I’m the last person who would be likely to follow through with a course on organization (even vacuuming sounds like more fun to me). Ryan’s course was totally accessible (even for a technophobe like me), and the videos were the perfect length, with easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement processes. I can’t recommend this course highly enough for having a sense of peace around all the chaos of to-dos, to-calls, to-read mental, digital, and paper clutter. I feel freed up to do something way more interesting with my time. (It’s not vacuuming). Yay!

As a director of a national large-scale change movement and owner of a small business, while raising a newborn baby, I only have one complaint: why didn’t Ryan create Rockstar Productivity sooner? It’s not just that my e-mail inboxes are routinely empty – the main benefit is the peace of mind that comes from having all my to-do lists in one place. I have revolutionized the way I go about my day and easily quadrupled the rate at which I get the most important things done, while cutting in half the amount of stress in my life. I’ve recommended this to all my friends and colleagues. Rockstar Productivity changed my life.

I simply could not run my business without the productivity tools I’ve learned from Ryan.

Ryan’s systems have given my workflow (and headspace!) the spaciousness my creativity demands. It includes nitty-gritty tools and practices, but it goes beyond that: it will change the very way you interact with the flow of information, your emotional responses, and so much more.

The biggest challenges in running an online business is managing the various required systems…and my own time.

Ryan breaks it all down in a way that I can get on top of things, get everything done and even have some bandwidth at the end of the day for long-term strategy and visioning.

He helps me cut the bs, focus on what is important and only use the tools that really work.

It’s hard to measure the total value this program has provided for me. It keeps paying for itself again and again every day.

I am a single Mom of three children and Entrepreneur. Staying organized and maintaining Rock Star levels of productivity is essential. Ryan’s thorough ability to explain ways to easily create a brain technical world interface that flows with ease is truly phenomenal. He gently guides in a way that helps establish easy changes in behavior patterns that make HUGE differences not only in functionality but in the mental and emotional calm inside. The way it is laid out is simple, fast and very easy to implement. Feeling like a ROCK STAR!

Ryan’s productivity coaching has helped me to completely re-vamp my system, allowing me to actually feel like I’m on top of all the “clutter” that wants to bombard me everyday. Since getting started with Rockstar Productivity, I’ve been able to move forward on my side projects with better balance to my day job. Having this productivity system in place means not only do I have more time for my creative projects, but I also have more mental space to allow my creativity room to flow.